The Creation of Symington Corset Ref #2370 - Projekte 1

This is my dress diary for the Symington Corset Ref #2360/ #2370, that I created for the 2017 Foundations Revealed Competition.

Video: The creation of a modern Symington evening corset

Since I think this competition is more about challenging oneself and sharing new experiences, than actually competing, I filmed my whole construction process to share it with you! In the video, you can see how I execute certain techniques such as pattern matching, cording, roll pinning, setting in the busk and much more. I hope you enjoy it and discover a few new techniques! 🙂 Let me know if you want to see more videos like this!

0:00 Intro
1:07 mock-ups
1:14 preparing the fabric
1:25 cutting
2:15 cording
3:21 sewing the back
4:41 roll pinning
5:07 inserting the corded panels
7:27 inserting the grommets
7:44 sewing the lining
8:28 inserting the busk
10:54 flossing
11:39 boning
11:57 applying the binding
13:10 lacing the corset
13:58 final corset
14:22 outro

Pattern Making

A few impressions of the pattern making process.


First mock-up: The fit around the waist, hips and back is alright, but the bust offers no support.

Second mock-up: With a much better fit around the bust! I raised the neckline at the front and under the arms, took the bust seam in over the bust point and most importantly moved the tips farther to the sides so the bust got better support from the sides and couldn’t fall out there anymore.


Final Result


5 Gedanken zu „The Creation of Symington Corset Ref #2370“

  1. Lovely and beautiful! Later this evening I am going to view your older posts and watch your corset construction video and draft along with you! Thank you for sharing. Barb.

  2. Hi Luisa. I’m happy that I found your blog. Your ideas and tutorials are great and inspirational. Thanks bunches for sharing. I hope to complete and share one of the projects in the near future. I appreciate your generosity and kindness. SYJ

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