And my panty-making obsession goes on with another post about panty pattern making! This time I’ll show you how to pattern various styles of panties, using the basic panty pattern as a foundation.

But first a few words about pattern making in general. Pattern making usually consists of two steps; First is drafting a basic pattern, second is manipulating that basic pattern into different styles. Every kind of garment has its own basic pattern, for example basic dress pattern, basic sleeve pattern, basic bra pattern or basic panty pattern. Instructions for basic patterns can be found in books or sometimes online. Before you start manipulating the pattern you need to sew a mock-up of your basic pattern to make sure it fits perfectly. After the basic pattern is done, the fun part starts, where you can bring your designs to life. The pattern manipulation is not as mathematical as the basic pattern making, it’s more about cutting the pattern apart and bringing it back together. And in the following article I’ll show you how that works for panty patterns!

This article series features five different panty patterns, but once you understand the principle, you’ll be able to draft any style of panty pattern, that you can imagine.


You can click on the pictures to jump to the chapters


For drafting on paper:

  • Transparent drafting paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Ruler, Square
  • Dividers (optional)

For drafting on pc:

  • Corel Draw, Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator


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